Pişirgen Makina, which has a history of more than 35 years and is located in Silifke district of Mersin, started its journey in a small lathe workshop, with its fully equipped production workshop keeping up with the developing technologies, its experienced staff of 105 and modern machines, it has entered the domestic and international on-board equipment sector. continues its services. Our company, which started its commercial life in 1992 with its productions for the agricultural sector, officially started its work on the production of on-vehicle equipment in 1996 and continued its journey until today by continuously increasing its investments, and aimed to become a sought-after brand by announcing its name in this sector. As of today, Pişirgen Makina continues its activities in an area of ​​27.000 square meters in total, 7000 square meters of which is closed. Our company, which continuously accelerates its works for the sector, has become one of the leading on-board equipment manufacturers in Turkey today. Our company, which produces products with an innovative perspective for on-vehicle equipment needs in both domestic and international markets, aims to increase its production rates every year with a manufacturing team of 85 people and an administrative team of 20 people.

Customer Happiness

Carrying out studies in order to increase customer satisfaction and ensure its continuity.

Equipment and Spare Parts Support

Delivery of equipment and spare parts on time and in accordance with the contract.

Guaranteed Production

Ensuring that the equipment coming for maintenance and repair within / outside the warranty period is activated as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant contracts.

Rapid Production

We deliver your product on the contract date given with our professional teams.