Our Integrated Policy

Our aim is to manufacture products in accordance with the foreseen European Union norms and to provide the most appropriate service in this field;

  • To continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers for their needs,
  • Informing our customers about the products they need and offering the right choice.
  • Evaluating the experience, effort, knowledge, feelings and thoughts of all employees with a participatory management approach,
  • To implement social programs in order to increase the communication power, cohesion and motivation of our employees,
  • To continuously support activities on occupational health and worker safety,
  • To reveal innovative products by using modern technology opportunities,
  • To work without compromising scientific, conscientious and ethical principles,
  • To ensure the continuity of education and information activities in every field,
  • To ensure permanent trust by increasing the service quality with continuous measurement and evaluation,
  • To ensure continuous improvement in all our applications,
  • Minimizing environmental pollution
  • Working with environmental awareness, determining the dangers that may occur against injury and health deterioration, and taking the necessary precautions,
  • Ensuring the most efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources
  • Working in accordance with legal laws, terms and regulations
  • Minimize accident risks by performing risk analysis.