Combined sewer opening vehicles are specially equipped on-board equipment designed to open sewer channels with pressurized water in case of any blockage. Water tank mounted on the vehicle; It is manufactured taking into account the maximum laden weight of the vehicle. The water taken from the tank is pumped into the septic tanks through the channel opening hose. Power transmission to the pump is made by the intermediate gearbox. The grooving and hose drums in the equipment are suitable for hose winding and are produced hydraulically or mechanically.


  • Folding type non-slip operator ladders
  • Fenders and dust tires
  • Bicycle Barriers
  • Warning and warning lamps and reflectors
  • Rotating lamp
  • Projector
  • Record Key
  • Suction Hose
  • Coupling Discharge Hose
  • Egg Type Grooving Nozzle
  • Oval Type Grooving Nozzle

Optional Accessories

  • 270° Rotatable Suction Boom
  • Cassette Type Hose Drum
  • External Water Tank
  • Hydraulic Tank Lift
  • Pneumatic Suction and Discharge Valve
  • Hydraulic Tailgate Locks
  • Pressure Tank Unloading
  • Auxiliary Grooving Spindle
  • Hydraulic Electric Winch

Standard Specifications

Specification on our combined grooving tools.

Property Explanation
Type Type Grooving Tool
Tank Volume 4000 / 18.000 lt
Clean Water Capacity 3000 / 15000 lt
Waste Water Capacity 1000lt / 3000lt
Raw Material of Clean Water Tank 304L / 316L
Valves Mechanical discharge and suction valves (4” – 6 “)
Vacuum pump capacity 1500-9000 m³/h
Vacuum pump drive system PTO - Intermediate gearbox
Water pump drive system PTO - Intermediate gearbox
pump flow 150 / 400 m³/h
control system Electric / Hydraulic / Pneumatic
Tailgate lock system mechanical / Hydraulic
Tailgate removel Hydraulic
Pressure regulator Pneumatic
Min Grooving Drum 1" 120 m Hose
Auxiliary Grooving Drum 1/2"-60 m Manual Winding Sytem
Cabinets Along the tank on both sides of the tank