After Sales Services

Our company, which aims to take our relations with our customers further, to understand customer behaviors correctly, and to respond to their requests and needs correctly, after completing the production and sales processes, in order to ensure the continuity of the purchased product, delivery, assembly, demonstration of use, maintenance, repair and spare parts. It also acts by carefully considering the efforts to ensure customer satisfaction and customer complaints. In this direction, our company provides the product features that will meet the expectations and needs of our customers regarding the product they purchase, as well as the services that will be required in case of any deficiencies regarding the product. It provides all kinds of spare parts and services for the equipment produced in our factory. These activities are organized to meet the needs of our customers, both at home and abroad, with a fast and high-quality service approach. Within the scope of after-sales service that starts with the management's decision to bid and continues until the end of the specified life of the product;

  • Carrying out studies in order to increase customer satisfaction and ensure its continuity,
  • Delivery of equipment and spare parts on time and in accordance with the contract,
  • Determining the necessary spare parts and preventive maintenance activities by making support plans in order to ensure that the on-board equipment can be constantly active, ensuring that device designs that are suitable for customer use, high reliability and easy to test are made,
  • Ensuring that the equipment coming for maintenance and repair within/outside the warranty period is activated as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant contracts,
  • Evaluating customer requests and complaints as soon as possible, making necessary improvements in our devices and taking corrective measures.
  • Continuing customer-oriented training activities,
  • Providing equipment testing equipment, spare parts, documents and training support to organizations that want to gain maintenance and repair skills
  • Activities such as preparation of operation, user and field or warehouse level books and catalogs of on-board equipment are carried out.