Hydraulic compressed garbage collection box, a body on the chassis in the desired capacity range, a compression and discharge curtain that applies pressure to the garbage inside the body during compression, a loading chamber where the garbage is first emptied, a container lifting device, and hydraulic oil driven from PTO (power take off). It consists of pump and hydraulic equipment. Our equipment is also manufactured in accordance with the 2006/42/EC Directive and 1501+A2 standards. It can be manufactured with container lifting system in different capacities and standards. Different manufacturing types can be manufactured according to the vehicle's technical specifications and intended use.


  • Standard Container Lifter
  • Rear Body Aesthetic Side Cover Sheets
  • Non-Slip Type Operator Step
  • Rear Trunk Safety Stop
  • Rear Step Hand Grips
  • Stairs
  • Mudguards and Dusters
  • Operator Guards
  • Rotating Warning Lamp
  • Driver Warning Button
  • Bicycle Barriers
  • Projector

Optional Accessories

  • Rear View Camera
  • Operator Alert Button
  • Rear Step Safety Sensor
  • Various Types of Container Lifting
  • Hardox Hopper

Standard Specifications

Technical features of our hydraulic compaction garbage trucks.

Property Explanation
Type Hydraulic Compression Garbage Box
Body Volume 4 m³ – 58 m³
Rear trunk volume 0,8 m³ – 3 m³
Container lifting system 120 lt / 1100 lt
Incitement System PTO - Electric
Remote Electrical System 12 Volt - 24 Volt
Way of Working Automatic - Semi-Automatic - Manual
Compression Ratio 1:3 / 1:5 / 1:6
Operating pressure 200 Bar