Vacuum trucks are equipment designed to attract and transfer the waste water and waste accumulated in septic pits and canals. These equipments vacuum the air in the tank by means of a vacuum pump, draw the waste water into the tank and discharge the waste water there with compressed air. vacuum pump; It gets its power from the PTO, which is coupled to the vehicle transmission. Our equipment is designed completely in line with the wishes of our customers and produced in accordance with the specifications and quality. According to the customer's request, imported pumps can be used as well as our own pumps. It can be manufactured with container lifting system in different capacities and standards. Different manufacturing types can be manufactured according to the vehicle's technical specifications and intended use.


  • Fenders and dust tires
  • Bicycle Barriers
  • Suction hoses and Clapper
  • Drain Hose
  • Beacon Lamp
  • Projector
  • Record Key

Optional Accessories

  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Hydraulic Tank Lift
  • Pneumatic Suction Valve
  • Pneumatic Relief Valve
  • Hydraulic Tailgate Locks
  • Hydraulic-Electric Crane
  • Pressure Tank Unloading
  • Remote control

Standard Specifications

Technical features of our vacuum trucks.

Property Explanation
Tank volume 4.000 lt. – 26.000 lt.
Tank Material Karbon Steel
Vacuum pump capacity -
Incitement System PTO – Cardan Shaft
Remote System Mechanical - Pneumatic
Back Cover Lock System Hydraulic or Mechanical
Valves Mechanical discharge and suction valves.
Cabinets Along the tank on both sides of the tank.