Water Tankers and Sprayers can be used to carry drinking or utility water, as well as transfer the water in the tank with the help of a pump when necessary. The transfer of water in the tank can be driven by means of an intermediate gearbox or pto connected to the vehicle gearbox. They are produced as black sheet or stainless steel according to the place of use. Optionally, pneumatically controlled street irrigation, hose reel, median irrigation, monitor equipment on or behind the tank can also be added from the vehicle cabin.


  • Fenders and dust tires
  • Bicycle Barriers
  • Suction hoses and Clapper
  • Drain Hose
  • Beacon Lamp
  • Projector
  • Record Key
  • Phosphorous Strips
  • Folding Cloth Pressure Hose
  • Flat Lance
  • Hearted Suction Strainer
  • Coming Out
  • Rotating Lamp

Optional Accessories

  • Pre-irrigation pressure
  • Bar with rear water distribution valve
  • Rear irrigation gravity flow

Standard Specifications

Technical features of our water tanker and water tanker vehicles.

Property Explanation
Type Water Tanker / Sprayer
Tank volume 4.000 lt / 30.000 lt
Raw materials ST-37 / ST-52 / 304-L
Transferring motion PTO / Transmission
Remote System Mechanical / Pneumatic
Valves Mechanical discharge and suction valves
Cabinets Along the tank on both sides of the tank