Fire trucks are special-purpose equipment manufactured with hydraulic telescopic ladders or service ladders that can rotate 350° (±175°) on the vehicle chassis to respond to possible fires that may occur in the city or in the fields. The water tanks of the equipment are made of chrome material and can pump water thanks to high-pressure pumps with different values. In addition, front and rear street irrigation systems are mounted on the vehicle and this device can be pneumatically controlled from the vehicle's driver's seat. The ladder mechanism with basket, which is manufactured telescopically on the equipment, reaches an optional working height of 8 to 24 meters. The ladder can be controlled proportionally or electrically.


  • Mudguards and Dusters
  • Bicycle Barriers
  • Power Unit
  • Foam Melanger
  • American Type Beacon Lamp
  • Lighting Projectors
  • Controlled Launch
  • Fire hose
  • Direction Arrow Signs
  • Cutting-separating device
  • Oxygen cylinder and Breathing mask
  • Monitor
  • Jetsis

Optional Accessories

  • Portable Ladder
  • Basket Ladder

Standard Specifications

Technical features of our Hydraulic Ladder Fire Fighting Vehicles.

Property Explanation
Type Fire Fighting Vehicles with Hydraulic Ladders
Water tank 2500 lt. – 6000 lt
Foam Tank 200 lt. – 500 lt.
Tank Raw Material ST-37 or ST-52
Bodywork Aluminum sheet covered, Aluminum louver
First Aid Spinner 30 m – 60 m (between) 1” gun
Incitement System PTO – Cardan Shaft
Remote System Mechanical - Pneumatic