Hydraulic telescopic platform, booms made of steel material with high flexibility (Weldox 700 or equivalent), a tower with a 350° (±175°) degree rotation angle to carry the load of the booms, hydraulically opening legs, two-way control system and mounted on the upper boom. They are special-purpose equipment that consists of a specially manufactured basket (100.000v) mechanism that is resistant to high voltage and is mounted on the vehicle. Our equipment is produced with hydro-mechanical or proportional control system. The hydraulic telescopic platform has wide horizontal reach and working height.


  • Emergency Control System (Dead man's switch)
  • Vehicle Start/Stop System (Depending on Vehicle)
  • Emergency Stop Buttons on Control Panels
  • Load Retaining Valves on Boom Cylinders
  • Twin Locking Valves in Foot Cylinders
  • Folding type non-slip operator ladders
  • Safety belt
  • Fenders and dust tires
  • Bike protection
  • Basket lighting lamp
  • Rotating lamp
  • Team chests
  • Oil Tank Manual Hand Pump
  • Warning and warning lamps and reflectors.
  • Emergency buttons
  • Pressure Relief Valve

Optional Accessories

  • Remote Control Board
  • Infinite Tower Spin
  • Safety sensor on outriggers and boom bearing
  • Operator's Cabin in the Tower
  • 220V Socket in the basket
  • Hydraulic-Electric Crane
  • Basket Load Sensor (Load Cell)
  • Aluminum Basket

Standard Specifications

Technical features of Hydraulic Telescopic Platforms.

Property Explanation
Type Hydraulic Telescopic Platform
Platform height 9 mt – 32 mt
Working height 11 mt – 34 mt
Rotation angle 350° degrees ( ±175° )
Basket Rotation Angle (Optional) 180° ( ±90° )
Horizontal reach 6 mt – 15 mt
Drive System PTO
Control Electrical System 12-24 V
Basket carrying capacity 200 kg
Standard basket insulation 1000 V
Basket balancing system Hydraulic
Number of outriggers 4
Control system Proportional or Hydro-Mechanical