Articulated platforms have a carrying capacity of up to 200 kilograms. Our equipment has hydro-mechanical or proportional control system. It provides safe use in many areas, especially in the electricity sector, thanks to its designs with load holding and safety valves in the system and its insulated boom system.


  • Vehicle Start/Stop System (Depending on Vehicle)
  • Emergency Stop Buttons on Control Panels
  • Load Retaining Valves on Boom Cylinders
  • Twin Locking Valves in Foot Cylinders
  • Folding type non-slip operator ladders
  • Safety belt
  • Fenders and dust tires
  • Bike protection
  • Basket lighting lamp
  • Rotating lamp
  • Team chests
  • Oil Tank Manual Hand Pump
  • Warning and warning lamps and reflectors. .
  • Emergency buttons
  • Pressure Relief Valve

Optional Accessories

  • Remote Control Board
  • Infinite Tower Spin
  • Safety sensor on outriggers and boom bearing
  • Operator's Cabin in the Tower
  • 220V Socket in the basket
  • Hydraulic-Electric Crane
  • Basket Load Sensor (Load Cell)
  • Aluminum Basket

Standard Specifications

Technical specifications on Hydraulic Articulated Platforms.

Property Explanation
Type Hydraulic Articulated Platform
Platform height 8 mt – 16 mt
Working heighti 10 mt – 18 mt
Rotation angle 350 degrees
Horizontal reach 5 mt – 9 mt
Drive System PTO
Control Electrical System 12-24 V
Basket carrying capacity 200 kg
Standard basket insulation 1000 V
Basket balancing system Mechanical
Number of outriggers 4
Control system Proportional or Hydro-Mechanical